Why Should I Store My Wedding Dress

The other day my wife was cleaning out the attic and found her old wedding dress. That brought back some good memories. Rather than seeing it hanging in a closet somewhere, she found the box the dress and veil were preserved in. Your Wedding was beautiful; you will never forget the look you got from your new husband as he saw you for the first time in your gown.

When remembering your day, you don't want it all to just be a fond memory, but rather be able to look back years and years later at the wedding dress you picked only to find it yellowed over time because it was not tended to properly! Therefore, after the wedding is over and you have settled into married life, an important aspect of the blessed day needs to be tended to one last time. Your wedding dress deserves to be preserved so that it won't be yellowed due to time and it will look as beautiful as the day you first wore it. It is very important that if you don't want your white, ivory, candlelight or cream colored gown to turn yellow to look into what is considered storage of your wedding dress.

This is especially important if you would like to pass it on to your future daughters. The time after the wedding can be as hectic as the time after. You have your honeymoon, then writing a million thank you's and other things before finally settling down into married life. Getting your dress preserved is probably not high on the task list but you should have it done. In order to preserve the dress the place you take it to will place it in a box of some type and remove all of the air inside the box. By removing the oxygenated air, your dress and veil(s) will and should remain the color as when you bought them.

There are several places that will provide this service for you and at various costs. Sometimes if you return to the place you purchased your dress they will give you a discounted price for the preservation of your dress and veil(s). There are several dry cleaners that offer this option as well.

It is important that you are as comfortable with the company you choose to preserve your wedding dress as you were with the company you chose to provide you with the dress in the first place. Find out their costs and their guarantees. The whole idea of preserving your dress is always a good idea, after all you never know who will want to use it in your family and the price of it and it is definitely worth the investment.

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