Wedding Flowers Defining Your Expectations

The wedding flowers that decorate the church will go a long way toward setting the mood for your wedding. Done right, a selection of well placed wedding flowers can give your event the sense of joy, expectation, solemnity, or pageantry you and your intended anticipate for your wedding. Done poorly. well, your wedding flowers will set the wrong mood for your wedding at best. At worst, your wedding flowers will make it appear that your wedding happened in a tacky looking facility or several decades earlier (actually, it can get worse, but we won't talk about that.

The point is to make sure we stay on the top of the scale with our wedding flowers, not the bottom). The success of your wedding flower arrangements and decorations depends on your florist's attention to detail, sense of style, flair, expertise, and the connection that the two of you achieve. Don't assume that because a particular florist is highly respected you will get the wedding flower arrangement of your dreams. If there is no meeting of your minds, if you don't feel like they are grasping what you are trying to communicate about your wedding flowers, theme, or both, keep looking. In most cases your wedding flowers will be more to your liking with your second choice that fully understands the theme and mood you are trying to set than with the reputed best florist in the city who isn't listening or just isn't managing to understand what you want from your wedding flowers. Finding the right wedding flower specialist is easy if you begin your search prepared and know what to look for and what to stay away from: Being prepared means doing some dreaming about your wedding flowers.

Doodle. Search bridal magazines. Look at wedding flower schemes in books and dream.

Go to bridal shows. Go to weddings, if you can get an invitation, and dream. Collect pictures of wedding flower arrangements that you think will fit into the theme that you want to design your wedding flowers around. In short, have a pretty clear idea of what you want in your wedding flowers before you ever start visiting florists and bring the pictures with you. This will help them understand your vision for your floral arrangement.

The second step is like the first: Don't even think of going to a florist without swatches of the material from your dress, the bridesmaid's dresses, and any other fabric that might affect the wedding color scheme (this is true of your cake decorator too). This is most especially true of your dress. White wedding dresses come in a wide variety of shades of white, so to ensure that the wedding flowers will properly accent your dress bring a swatch. A professional florist will know how to set it off so that the wedding flowers draw the attention to you in just the right way. Once you have done your homework it is time to start actually looking for a florist to provide your wedding flowers.

As in every other discipline, your first move should be to talk to people who have recently gotten married and get referrals from them. There is no shame in learning from the success and failures of others and doing so will generally save you a lot of grief. In the process, no doubt, you will discover that while most any florist can provide wedding flowers, some are more skilled, gifted, and experienced than others.

Your goal is to identify these people and choose one of them to take the stress of your wedding flower needs off your hands. Remember, wedding flowers work or don't work on the florist's attention to detail, creativity, and their ability to match your style. But part of their ability to perform depends on you communicating what you want and providing pictures and swatches.

It's your wedding; make sure it goes right by taking the time to prepare before you go shopping for those wedding flowers.

Jeanette Shinn is a wedding professional with over a dozen years experience making dreams come alive. Find more great ideas for all your wedding needs at

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