Tips on Seducing Women

Society is plagued with the man going after the woman. There are obstacles the person will have to overcome in order to have guts to make an impression on the girl and hopefully become a couple. There are many places where the two people can meet for the first time. This can be in a bar, in a party or in the mall. Here are a few tips that will help in seducing women.

1. The person may see beautiful women everyday but is scared in meeting someone new after a traumatic event. Time heals all wounds but when the individual is ready to get on the saddle again, its best to forget about the past, keep the objective in mind and take the risk. 2. First impressions last when meeting someone. This can be done with the way the individual is dressed, the perfume sprayed on the body, the eyes and that smiling face.

A good pickup line will work because saying the wrong words will destroy any chances in getting to know the girl. This is done even when a friend introduces the people for the first time. The so called match maker can impress the girl with the accomplishments or status of the guy which may also help get the ball rolling.

3. When the getting to know phase has been established, it is time to continue on in what some call as the romantic building phase. The man must talk to the woman and somehow establish a connection.

This could be on things both like or have in common that could expand later on. The individual must not only talk but also listen and be open to certain things. This will prove sincerity in wanting to get closer to the woman.

4. Another thing women like to see in men is strength. This doesn't mean the person should build muscles or a six-pack by enrolling in a gym. Helping the girl do some stuff can make this happen. This could be carrying the shopping bags or books when fetching the individual from class or after going shopping. This proves chivalry is not dead even in the 21st century.

5. The woman can also be seduced using intelligence. Some girls love it when the guy has answers for everything. This could be in helping do some homework in school or giving a solution to a situation at work.

6. The next part that may take a few weeks will be finally going towards sex. When the moment is right, the person can begin to touch and maybe even hold the girl's hand. The first kiss will happen sooner or later from a smack to torrid kissing which has to be taken slowly.

7. When the couple is ready, its time to get physical and have sex. Some do it for one night and just forget about the girl after but those who are sincere during the seduction phase can continue to have a special relationship with the woman. Seducing someone in order to have sex takes time even if others are able to do it after meeting only for a few minutes after a party. People who find this sacred should work on the moves slowly to be able to get the girl to also like the boy.

Having trouble meeting women? Check out this excellent guide on the seduction of women from a womans point of view on the art of seduction!

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